February 22, 2024

Pogba, the Juve strategy: dissolution hypothesis, minimum salary


After the 4-year-old request from the anti-doping prosecutor's office, the strategy of the Juventus club is changing

Fabiana Della Valle

– Turin

The news arrived at Continassa in the morning: shortly before the matter became public, Juventus had been warned about the anti-doping prosecutor's request for a four-year disqualification for Paul Pogba. Not that anything else was expected and in any case the length of the break will have no impact on Juventus' decisions. The story between the octopus and the lady has come to an end and the two are forced to part ways when the disqualification becomes final.

I'm waiting for Juventus

The black and white line is clear: no decision will be made until the first instance verdict is announced (also because the company could not legally act until then), then the management will decide based on the extent of the disqualification Meet with the player's entourage to reach an agreement. The path to farewell now seems clear, unless at the end of the process there is a (very unlikely) disqualification for a few months.

Dissolution hypothesis

Otherwise, Juventus wants to free itself from the burden of the 9 million euros net per year (excluding bonuses) that it is supposed to pay to Polpo until 2026. However, it does not want to do this in a traumatic way, but through an agreement with the player. The most likely route therefore seems to be a mutual decision that would enable the club to save around thirty million.

Arbitration Court

Unless there are specific names in the player's contract that regulate doping, the club has two options after a possible first-instance conviction: The first is the amicable solution, perhaps with the payment of an amount to the player. If no agreement is reached, Juventus may unilaterally terminate the relationship by appealing to the Arbitration Court, as provided for in Articles 9 and 11. The club immediately stated that it was not involved in the matter: the offending product, the famous due to the fact that Pogba tested positive for testosterone, would have been hired without consulting Juventus doctors. However, the player has always declared himself innocent.

minimum wage

The Frenchman's salary will be suspended from the moment of the positive test, as provided for by the collective agreement in the case of doping (the player cannot provide services and therefore the club has the right not to pay him, if not at the minimum wage) and he earns currently 42,000 and 477 euros gross per year, i.e. around 2,000 net per month. He cannot train or have contact with other members. The negative effects of the growth decree will also have to be weighed up: If the contract is terminated before two years have passed, the club would have to pay back the money it has saved so far. For this reason, the farewell could be postponed for a few months, to June. It also depends on how long the process takes.

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