February 26, 2024

Red Bull and BMC and motorcycles with F1 technology


They are called Speedmachine 01 and Teammachine R: For them, Bmc turned to the Formula 1 champion team. The result was two racing bikes designed for athletes and professionals looking for maximum time trial and flat performance

Riccardo Rossi

Aerodynamic efficiency was the North Star that defined the collaboration between the two Bmc and Red Bull Advanced Technologies (the design department of the F1 team Oracle Red Bull Racing), in the development of Speed ​​machine 01 And Team machine R, two “race cars” designed with a single goal: to set a new benchmark in the time trial/triathlon and aero bike segment. This was an important step for the success of the project the Ironman World Championship St. George will take place in May 2022 in the United States. On this occasion, the Swiss company and Red Bull Advanced Technologies tested the Project Speed ​​prototype and achieved excellent results and attention from the international press. In September 2023, following the excellent performance of Project Speed, BMC introduced the new Speedmachine 01 time trial/triathlon bike, which was considered by Ben O'ConnorAg2r Citroen athlete “really impressive: for me it represents a turning point. The most important positive aspects are the handling and stability.”

Super fast

Shortly after the launch of the Speedmachine 01, the Swiss company presented Teammachine R, an aero bike that was appreciated by the Tudor Pro Cycling Team, in particular by the sprinter Arvid de Kleijn, who explained: “The aerodynamic advantages are immediately visible, but they are .” Race that really shows how fast he is. Or rather: super fast.”

Speed ​​machine 01

Speedmachine 01 redefines the term bicycle Time trial/triathlon, thanks to a long development process including numerical flow analysis and wind tunnel testing. One result of this study can be seen as a revolutionary spoiler SharkFin fork, inspired by Formula 1 and the innovative shapes of the chassis. In addition to these innovations, it is worth mentioning the attention to weight distribution of the engineers from BMC and Red Bull Advanced Technologies, who provided a water tank in the lower part of the frame, an internal hose for fluid supply, a rear storage compartment and an LED light to improve the safety of the athlete on the street.

As far as the price is concerned, it cannot be said that the Speedmachine 01 is affordable for every budget. The range is divided into three models:

  • Speedmachine 00 Ltd Carbon Black/White is sold at a price of 23,000 euros. The high-tech frame is joined by the Sram Red Axs group, the high-quality Zipp 858 Nsw Tubeless Disc rims and the Bmc Aero Motion system.
  • Speedmachine 01 Ltd Carbon Black/Neon Red is available at a price of 16,999 euros. This version features the Sram Red Axs groupset and Zipp 858 NSW Tubeless Disc rims.
  • Speedmachine 01 Two neon red/carbon black. It is the entry-level model in the series with an “affordable” price: 10,999 euros. As standard, it is equipped with the Sram Force Axs group and DT Swiss Arc 1650 Carbon Disc rims with 62 mm profile.

Team machine R

When designing Teammachine R, Bmc and Red Bull Advanced Technologies followed a similar process to Speedmachine 01. This choice allowed the Swiss company to introduce important technological innovations such as:

  • There Halo fork (395 grams), characterized by long chainstays, which BMC considers essential to reduce the turbulence generated by the front wheel.
  • Mariana bottom bracket technology. It features an extended bottom bracket area with an aerodynamic design. A solution that, according to Bmc, reduces the distance between the frame and the rear wheel, helping to keep the airflow at the rim.
  • The Integrated Cockpit System (Ics) improves the aerodynamics of the bike while allowing easy stack adjustment through the design of the interlocking spacers. This allows for batch calibration without dismantling the stem or cockpit.

Temmachine R is available in four versions;

  • The Teammachine R 01 Four Carbon Black is equipped with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset and Crd 501 carbon rims. Price: 8,999 euros.
  • Teammachine R 01 Three Iron Grey/Neon Red. It comes standard with a Sram Force Axs groupset and Crd-501 SL wheels. It costs the public 9,499 euros.
  • The Teammachine R 01 Two Maroon Carbon/Neon Red is equipped with a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 groupset and 62 mm DT Swiss ARC 1100 rims. It is available at a price of 13,999 euros.
  • Teammachine R 01 Ltd Carbon Black / Cool White. It is the top version of the series, equipped with the Sram Red Etap Axs groupset and DT Swiss Arc 1100 wheels. Price: 14,999 euros

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