March 4, 2024

Romelu Lukaku, team change and all matters: his strategy


Many companies historically associated or still associated with Big Rom, a real money machine

Andrea Ramazzotti


The love of the fans, the friendship with teammates and the connection to important sponsors. Everything fades into the background for Romelu Lukaku. The football and other history of the Belgian says the following: Big Rom just minding their business, changing dressing rooms and trading partners without any particular problems (euphemism…). In short, he’s an absolute believer in growing his bank account. Many goals have been scored, with clubs and with the national team, but also many ‘tough’ contracts have been signed to do whatever it takes to justify the divorce. He lives for goals and money. Collect both. Anyone who argues that he could (or could) go to Saudi Arabia to have even more millions forgets that that way he would definitely leave the world of big football at the age of thirty. Best regards on the possibility of a repeat of the Champions League. Just like with the way to the European Championship 2024 and the World Cup 2026 uphill.


Now Lukaku has Nike as his technical sponsor but at the 2018 World Cup in Russia he wore Puma boots which had made him his flagship testimonial by earning him an autograph for a very lucrative deal. Probably the richest of the players he had under contract at the time. Whom had he left to join the German company? Nike. And who did Puma give preference to? At Adidas, then as now, technical sponsor of United, the “Rome” team from 2017 to 2019. In 2020, he wore a pair of Adidas for some training sessions with the national team and at Inter, then the return… of the flame with The American Giant, whose photos on his Instagram profile are now wearing t-shirts, shorts and shoes for training even on vacation. Over the years, the Antwerp centre-forward has teamed up with Maserati, Versace, Calvin Klein, Ps5, Coinbase and Gillette. Recently, photos or signatures of brands such as Samsonite, Crocs and Beyond the Meat have appeared on his social networks.


Many wanted him and want him as a testimonial because Romelu is well known. One speaks of a “brand” in relation to the market. In terms of trophies won, both team and personal, he doesn’t even come close to the world’s best players, but thanks to the work of Roc Nation, the powerful American agency of his legend, the rapper Jay, sponsors have also sought him out . Z, with whom there is still a contract despite the differences in recent weeks. Relying solely on lawyer Sebastien Lédure, he turned his back on Inter and his fans.


And what will happen to the Lukaku brand now? Will the ‘betrayal’ of Inter fans be seen by the sponsors as a simple and legitimate market decision by an attacker looking for a new professional adventure, or will Big Rom lose its attractiveness to investors from around the world? The contracts he will sign will provide an answer. More money awaits him…

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