March 4, 2024

Serie B Reggina submits debt restructuring plan to court


The club has to deal with the settlement in a short time and has already received a referral: “We have always followed the rules”

Reggina has to play on two fronts, between the pitch and the courts. The club announced that “the debt restructuring plan was submitted to the Reggio Calabria court yesterday, respecting the deadline announced by Felice Saladini and President Marcello Cardona”. The club put up a number of guarantees to try to repay the debts accumulated by the previous management.

times and mysteries

The club are confident that they have played by the rules and announce that “an appeal will be made in each venue”. “We have always said we will honor all commitments and we will continue to do so with transparency and legality.” But the final word on the story seems far from written.

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