February 22, 2024

Skiing, World Cup: Zermatt-Cervinia, work on the slopes is being investigated


The interventions on the Italian side are under scrutiny after interventions on the glacier in Swiss territory were stopped

After the work stoppage on the Swiss side, the interventions in Italy to build the Italian-Swiss slope on which the Zermatt-Cervinia Ski World Cup will take place are also being examined. The Aosta public prosecutor’s office has opened a file on what happened on the Italian side, where the second stage of the men’s and women’s downhill races scheduled for mid-November takes place (November 11th/12th, 2 men’s downhills, two downhills the following weekend the women). , the first cross-border buses on the Fis route.

In Switzerland

In recent days, the work on the Teodulo glacier on Swiss territory has come under scrutiny: the complaint from some environmental associations led to a partial halt to the work. In particular, the building commission of the canton of Valais has ordered an immediate ban on the use of “any part of the slopes outside the ski area until a decision on any building permit has been made”. The organizing committee has already assured that they will “make the necessary corrections and leave the route unchanged from a sporting perspective”. The area of ​​responsibility of the Aosta Public Prosecutor’s Office lies further downstream. The Councilor for Economic Development, Luigi Bertschy, reported to the Regional Council last Wednesday on the status of these works and, in response to a question from the Progressive Civic Project group, said: “The works are almost completed and are progressing properly in the two areas of the territory.” Italian: one , which is used only for the World Cup route, and the other, which instead affects the Ventina – 7 Bis tourist route. “The company managing the works had already worked in last year’s edition to obtain all the permits and approvals to be able to carry out the move with full legitimacy.”

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