February 20, 2024

Spalletti, together with De Laurentiis, receives honorary citizenship of Naples


The Italian coach: “It has enormous meaning for me. It certifies the bond between me and the Neapolitans. Now I’m an…official street boy.”

Gianluca Monti

A crowd of journalists, authorities and some fans who managed to attend the ceremony of granting honorary citizenship of the city of Naples to Luciano Spalletti stood elegantly and smiling on the stage of the Sala dei Baroni next to Mayor Manfredi, while Aurelio De Laurentiis them watched from the audience. The honor of the eulogy fell to the Sicilian professor, who praised a now Neapolitan coach in every way, complete with a tattoo of the third tricolor on his arm. Manfredi also recalled Spalletti's importance to Naples, calling him a “special citizen” for what he was able to give to Neapolitans.

what a beauty

After the official decision, the parchment and the medal from the city of Naples, Spalletti entered the city's book of honor and finally took the floor. “I feel a great responsibility, I would like to thank the mayor and the entire municipal council; My thoughts go out to all the Calcio Napoli employees who worked with me last season. I thank the director Giuntoli and the president De Laurentiis, but above all the players who created this beauty that came out last season and compelled everyone to broadcast these images around the world. “I feel an indescribable feeling and I don't know if I deserve all this because I had a very strong team and, as I said, it was possible for anyone to win,” he said, taking a swipe at the Napoli president.

officially street boy

Then Spalletti became sentimental: “When I became manager of Napoli they told me that it was now difficult to fill the stadium, but instead Maradona had been filled with blue hearts for two years.” Having convinced the Neapolitans to invest in theirs Returning home is one of the most important victories we have achieved. Now I can at least say that Naples is also my home and I am officially a street boy.

scary video

Spalletti ended up showing the players a video he made to thank them that he never took out. A mix of wonderful images, including private ones, that moved the audience so much that even De Laurentiis had to get up to hug him and enter the stage, telling about a documentary that will appear on the third tricolor of Napoli . “The Scudetto will be repeatable,” said the president, “but you cannot win every year, except by cheating, because the conditions are different, the players may be happy or frustrated and not at the same level or simply not by chance win again because the rivals are getting stronger. Luciano was a great commander and an exemplary motivator. Since we are now Neapolitans, we will call him for any kind of advice,” concluded the President of Naples. “He comes out of the cinema and shows it every time. It's like in a horror movie – Spalletti joked – you always hope it's over and it's the last scene, and then it appears again. But thank you very much to the President…”

Championship film

De Laurentiis has announced that the film about the Scudetto will be released. “We have worked for 7 months to give the city of Naples 4 hours of “documentary” about the last championship, the best from England, Italy, France and the United States are working on it. We hope for the month of February. Because these are very complex processes, they are not simple things.”

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