February 27, 2024

Strega Prize 2023: Ada D’Adamo won with the book Come d’aria


The prize was accepted by Alfredo Favi, the author’s husband, who died after a long illness

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like air From Ada D’Adamoedited by Elliott, won the 77th edition of the Witch Prize 2023 with 185 votes. The proclamation was made at night in the nymphaeum of the Villa Giulia in Rome by the chairman of the polling station, Mario DesiatiWinner of the Strega 2022.

Witch Award 2023, Ada D’Adamo WINS

The award for the memoirs published by Elliot Verlag was accepted Alfredo Favi, husband of Ada D’Adamo, who died on April 1 of this year after a long illness, immediately after learning that she had been included in the Strega Prize Dozen. You have voted 561 out of 660 eligible jurors, which is about 85%. The five finalist authors were co-composed by Maria Grazia Calandrone where you didn’t take me (Einaudi), Andrea Canobbio with The night crossing (The Ship of Theseus), Romana Petri con steal the night (Mondadori) and Rosella Postorino with i just loved you (Feltrinelli).

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like air has already won it Witch Off 2023, a parallel vote traditionally held the night before the official vote at Villa Giulia in the Monk in Rome. The novel also won that Young Witch Awardawarded by readers of schools, where it received 83 out of 503 preferences. The jury was made up of girls and boys aged between 16 and 18 from 91 schools in Italy and abroad.

The Life of Ada d’Adam

Ada D’Adamo was born in 1967 in Ortona, in the province of Chieti. She lived and worked in Rome, where she received her degree in performing arts from the National Academy of Dance. He has spent much time observing the body and its declensions in the contemporary scene and has written about it in several works Essays on Dance and Theater. It was her personal experience that made her write mother of a child bornin the year 2005, with a rare form of brain malformations. The novel’s title is based precisely on the little girl’s name, Daria, suggesting that the girl born with a disability is made for those who love her like air. “Having a disabled child means being alone. Incurable, definitely alone,” the memoir reads. “There is no turning back. It will never be the same again.”

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