February 27, 2024

Swimming, Ceccon and O’Callaghan: phenomenal 100 SL: 48’64 and 52’48


After the 200 m freestyle in 1’50 inches, the world champion tried the king’s race at the Azzurri test in Meran. In the Australian trials, the world champion makes fun of McKeon

Thomas Ceccon delivered a 48″64 in the 100m freestyle in Merano for the Cool Meeting test, which is a great chronometric reference in these days of hard preparation for the World Championships in Fukukoa in July (Alessandro Miressi in April 48). ” 37 is Italy’s fastest in the Queen specialty.) The world champion and record holder had just won the 200m freestyle in 1’50″13. Ceccon is increasingly motivated for the 100m freestyle, a race that still has it Never before have there been so many applicants: up to 15 sprinters swam under 48″ during the season. The Vicenza rider has a personal best of 47.71 and is one of the four Italians under 48″ with record holder Miressi (47.45), Luca Dotto and Lorenzo Zazzeri (47.96) Azzurri successes in the Merano Test (Sunday Ceccon in the 100m butterfly), which will precede the Settecolli from next Friday, for Sara Franceschi in the 400m individual medley in 4’44″14 , Alberto Razzetti in 200m backstroke in 2’04″33, Federico Poggio 27″76 and Lisa Angiolini 31″23 in 50m breaststroke, Anita Gastaldi 55″76 in 100m freestyle. For the World Champion and the European Champion, these are alternative races. In Turin, Sara Curtis stands out in 25″30 over 50m freestyle, where she has been a tricolor since April. In Florence for the Speed ​​Trophy, Lorenzo Zazzeri doubles over 50m and 100m freestyle in 22″35 and 49″53.

Callaghan’s 100m: 52.48

Speaking of speed, on the penultimate day of the Australian trials in Melbourne, world 100m freestyle champion Molly O’Callaghan beat Olympic Queen Specialty champion Emma McKeon by 4 cents in 52:48. After Titmus, the Australian with the most medals in the 200m freestyle system (11). At this speed, the world record of the Swedish Sjöström (51:71) will hardly have a future. Needless to say, 52″48 is the time to beat this season, replacing Haughey’s 52″50 (HK). McKeon will console himself with the single pass snatched from Shayna Jack for 12 cents, the first five all under the required limit. In the 200m breaststroke, world champion Zac Stubblety Cook rose to the top with a “comfortable” 2’07’86. Finally, nineteen-year-old Samuel Short qualified for the 1500m for the seventh time in 2023. Will he be the new Hackett?

Podium Bridi and Guidi

In Belgrade, the Hungarian Kristof Rasovszky wins the Cross-Country World Cup (10 km), almost 4 seconds ahead of Marcello Guidi and 5 seconds ahead of Mario Sanzullo, who leaves Dario Verani behind under the podium, sixth Andrea Filadelli. In the women, the German Lea Boy wins with a 4-inch lead over the Hungarian Bettina Fabian, third is Arianna Bridi, who is ahead of the other blues Ciccarella (fifth), Santoni (ninth), Callo (tenth) and Tortora (twelfth).

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