March 4, 2024

The scientific trick to sleeping well and waking up rested


A group of Italian researchers have discovered a simple trick to sleeping better and waking up more energetic and active

Eugene Spagnuolo

– Milan

A Good sleep The next day it will be recognized: if we feel awake and energetic, we probably slept well. However, this is not always the case: stress, aging and some diseases can prevent us from having restful sleep. The good news? A group of researchers, including Italians Vivian Greco, Damien Bergamo And Paula Cuoccionoticed, that There is actually an easy way to improve sleep quality…

The scientific trick to sleeping better

After what they write about scientific magazine SleepAlmost completely blocking out ambient light during sleep can improve alertness and memory the next day. And to do it Just wear a sleep mask. “Ambient light can affect sleep patterns and timing,” the researchers write. “We saw how wearing an eye mask to block out light during night sleep affects memory and alertness, which could benefit daily activities like studying and driving.”

Sleeping with a mask: the study

researchers have conducted two experiments with 122 participants. In the first, 89 adults aged 18 to 35 were asked to wear an eye mask for one week while they slept, and then a mask with holes for the following week. Laboratory tests conducted on the last two days of each week showed that participants performed better on the word pair association test, which assesses the ability to recall events and experiences, after completely covering their eyes during sleep. A similar improvement was also observed in tests measuring their reaction times.

Sleep mask: the benefits for memory

In the second experiment, 33 adult volunteers between the ages of 18 and 35 were fitted with eye masks, devices to detect light intensity upon waking and a wearable headband to monitor brain activity during sleep. Participants slept with both a regular and a perforated eye mask and then underwent testing. Again, the results showed that those wearing a regular mask with no holes learned new information and remembered it better than the others. Additionally, data collected from the brain fascia indicates a link between sleep mask use and increased deep sleep, which is crucial for improving memory. “The memory benefit was predicted by the time spent in deep sleep while wearing the mask,” the researchers explain. “This suggests Wearing an eye mask while sleeping is an effective, economical and non-invasive behavior this could benefit cognitive function and have a measurable impact on everyday life.”


The connection between sleep and well-being is now well documented: good sleep helps us to maintain our health, influences the processing of emotions in the brain and also influences the way in which we connect with others. The study published in Sleep shows that the use of A sleep mask could bring various benefits to our rest. The researchers write: “In view of the great attention life hoesto sleep tracking and ways to improve cognition, our results suggest that overall an eye mask is a simple, inexpensive, and non-invasive way to get more out of sleep.”

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