February 20, 2024

Travel to Italy: Franciacorta, travel routes by car and motorcycle


Typically, large wine-growing regions are not located near large urban centers. It’s easier to be near villages or in areas far from the chaos and see the many vineyards in the mountains. There FranciacortaIn this sense it is a small miracle: it is the hilly area, all in the province of Brescia, whose borders are the Oglio (the province of Bergamo begins on the left bank), the capital, the Bassa Bresciana and Lake Iseo. The name is the further development of this Franzacurta – then we explain where it comes from – which appeared for the first time in the annals of the municipality of Brescia back in 1277. An area dedicated to him Wine Since Roman times, climatic conditions have always favored the growth of vineyards. It was the Venetians who, in 1429, established the boundaries of the wine-growing area, which essentially correspond to those recognized today: nineteen municipalities in which the area of ​​​​vineyards reaches about 1500 hectares of vineyards, of which 840 are dedicated to wine production of the renowned DOCG . The best way to discover Franciacorta is to walk between the lake and the hills, perhaps by bike, on foot or on horseback, but of course also by motorbike or car, and let yourself be captured by the fascinating tranquility . Especially after the harvest (finally lucky for the record after complicated years) before the cold season arrives. As in other areas of Italy, there is an official “wine route” that you can follow closely. But we prefer to focus on the things we like best. Including, of course, the wineries with the usual (boring but correct) recommendation: If you drive, you can’t drink, so it’s best if you’re a teetotaler, while if you love wine, you’ll come back next time as a passenger and Comforting her with the “comforting”. “Caboose” with purchased bottles that are transported home.

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