February 21, 2024

Ufc 284, Makhachev beats Volkanovski to remain lightweight champion


Volkanovski fails at the feat: Khabib’s student beats him by unanimous decision, extends his winning streak to 12 and remains king of the lightweights

Islam Makhachev’s supremacy continues, complete with certification. At the end of an amazing fight, the Dagestani fighter defeated Alexander Volkanovski by unanimous decision in his native Australia, defending the lightweight title for the first time and in all likelihood overtaking the opponent at the top of the UFC pound-for-pound rankings: the cage and short said, the cards say he’s the best fighter in the world. Had Volkanovski won, it would have been a titanic feat: already a world featherweight champion, he would have entered the “Champ-Champions” category, holder of two titles in two different categories. And he tried, pushing himself to the limit of the match, trying to close the gap, fighting like a lion, defending himself against each other’s massive altercations like no one had before, and placing a stratospheric fifth round that left his rivals in very serious trouble brought . But it wasn’t enough, also because 80% of his efforts were aimed at thwarting the actions of others. Makhachev extends his winning streak in UFC to 12: A lively division under him, but we don’t see who can take him…

the meeting

Fueled by football cheering, Volkanovski immediately tries to break away from the Russian: feints, changes of cover, shots and even manages to surprise him a couple of times. But that’s exactly what Makhachev wanted, hitting him on the counter after just a few minutes, grabbing his back and beginning his boa constrictor action. Volkanovski has strength in his limbs in these sets to counter the action of others and plenty of resistance, he loses the round first but doesn’t give up. Similar script afterwards: The Aussie lands twice in Makhachev’s coils, comes out brilliant, doesn’t make a card but resists an action that would have blown anyone away. Makhachev is not used to an opponent who fights back, sometimes he seems to waver, but he still keeps his cool and waits.

He almost arrives in the fourth round: after a lazy action by Volkanovski Makhachev, he brings him to the ground and starts again, locking him in a triangle with his legs, but in three minutes he fails to block the talking Australian’s neck, bending his Muscles to prevent him from grip hitting him to impede him. But no matter how much you hold him back, the inscription on the match is there: The Dagestani puts an unbridgeable distance into the card, not even in a very courageous fifth pass from Volkanovski. Who goes Beaten on points but not in substance: He dropped a weight class and a key vertical drop and resisted 5 rounds against one of the best grapplers of all time. However, that is not enough for the Olympus of double champions.

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