February 21, 2024

Verratti, PSG also excludes him from the Champions League. Qatar is one step away


The midfielder, who has now left the squad, is about to move to the club in the Qatari capital. Unless he decides to go into the trenches and hold out until January…

Alessandro Grandesso


With one’s back to the wall. For Marco Verratti there is now only one way out, which is to Doha. According to rumors from Paris, the agreement with Al Arabi is just a formality. In short, barring unforeseen events, the midfielder will leave the Qatari Emir’s club for the club in the Qatari capital. A €50m operation for PSG’s coffers that yesterday also resulted in the midfielder being dropped from the Champions League list, effectively forcing him to surrender to the evidence. For Verratti, who was also forgotten in Spalletti’s national team, there is no longer any place even in Paris. The only alternative is outlined, albeit with a more or less double salary.


Verratti had long since understood that after eleven years there was no longer the same desire to continue with PSG. For this reason, he had already supported the court of Al Hilal and then Al Ahli in May. However, the agreement was reached with an unofficial mediator, angering the Saudis, who withdrew from the negotiations. This is how Al Arabi came into play after Luis Enrique officially informed the player not to count on him. Words were followed by deeds: the coach excluded him from the squad for the first four days of the championship despite taking him to the training camp between Japan and South Korea.


However, Verratti was hoping for some calls from Europe. Some clubs, such as Atletico Madrid, have stepped forward, but only to test conditions that were quickly deemed unattainable. PSG started with a price tag of 80 million. Add to that the gross salary of 14.5 million, the result of the Parisian ride of the Abruzzo native, who arrived as an unknown in 2012 and became one of the strongest midfielders ever. However, something went wrong last season, which included another defeat in the Champions League. And Verratti was also the one who paid the price, like Messi and Neymar, to whom he was actually much closer than Mbappé.


Yesterday, therefore, PSG, now made for Mbappé, took another step towards separation and excluded Verratti from the most coveted competition. Out of the Champions League: A not very subtle message intended to make the Italian understand that he should accept Al Arabi’s proposal, which would guarantee him a salary eight to ten million less than what the Saudis were offering , which tripled his salary. At this point, Verratti can only give in and, at the age of 30, moves into the football desert, in an already marginal league that is also being battered by the up-and-coming Saudi tournament and is full of international stars. Unless the Italian, who is under contract until 2026, decides to go into the trenches and hold out until January, hoping that an attractive sporting project will emerge that will allow him to continue to shine in Europe too.

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