October 3, 2023

Volkswagen California Concept: The next generation was presented on August 25th


35 years after the debut of the first generation, Volkswagen is presenting the next generation of the California campervan at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. Production will begin in 2024

35 years and 260,000 units later Volkswagen is preparing to introduce the new generation of the iconic California camper van. The occasion is ideal for the appointment: the Caravan Salon Fair Dusseldorf planned from August 25 to September 3, 2023. Here the first California was presented, here the new “Cali” is presented, which will mark a moment of break with the past it will be the first to be electrified. An inevitable transition given the investment plans that the German group is planning and launching, aimed at the transition to fully electric mobility.

Based on Multivan

The pictures hardly give any idea of ​​the standard model. And it is therefore superfluous to dwell on details that, at first glance, already belong to the generic universe of “camper” vans. On the other hand, communication about the technology of the next California is much more concrete. Volkswagen has stated that it will be done on base Multivan (hence mqb platform). A confirmation that fits perfectly with the theme of electrification that the group itself is striving for. Like the Multivan, the next California will therefore be equipped with onePlug-in hybrid drive unit. A solution that, according to the brand’s technicians, will allow customers to take advantage of the advantages of electric propulsion, especially in the city, without having to give up the autonomy of use presence of the petrol engine. Then the trip (planned or impromptu) is inevitably the usage destination of California, which, at least for now, isn’t quite ready to go fully low-emission.

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