February 21, 2024

Water polo, World Cup quarterfinals: Setterosa defeats Spain 12:5


In Long Beach, the Blues have little attacking power and make too many mistakes when outnumbered. The Netherlands, the USA and Hungary also reach the semi-finals

A little Setterrosa, a lot of Spain. The first hurdle in the World Cup Final Eight proves too tough and the Azzurri are outside the medal zone. In Long Beach, a strong defense is the key for the European champion and runner-up in the world, who after a balanced first quarter (2:2) expands decisively. In the central times the fight ended with a break of 8:3, until the end with 12:5. With Ruiz (poker) unleashed, Italy also pays the poor numerical superiority percentage (3 out of 14), nullifying the generous work of the centre-forwards.


Shadows and little light for Carlo Silipo: “We knew it was going to be tough, but we started the game well. Then some oversights caused us to lose touch and the girls got separated. “We have to cope well with the stress of the last few weeks, it was intensive preparation,” observed the coach. In April we won the first phase in Rotterdam 13:9 against the same opponent. Now we need to get back on the water for smaller placings and trust that the growth needed for the Fukuoka World Championships will be achieved by mid-July. At midnight the semi-final for fifth place took place against New Zealand, which was overwhelmed by the Netherlands 15:5. The United States also surpassed Israel (16-6) but still retained some energy for the semifinals. The clear 20:13 with which Hungary defeated Greece is surprising.

SPAIN: Ester, Prats 1, A. Espar 1, B. Ortiz 1, Perez, Crespi, E. Ruiz 4 (1 rig.), A. Ruiz, Forca 2 (1 rig.), Camus, M. Garcia 1, Leiton 2 , Terre. All. Goose. ITALY:Banchelli, C. Tabani, Galardi, Avegno, Giustini 2, Bettini, Picozzi 1, Bianconi 1, Palmieri, Marletta 1, A. Cocchiere, Viacava, Condorelli. All. Silipo. REFEREE: Varkonyi (Ung) and Dutilh-Dumas (Ola).NOTE: great NO. Spain 8 (4 goals), Italy 14 (3). Out of. 3 f. Crespi 3rd part, Prats 4th part

Friday 23: Quarterfinals Hungary-Greece 20-13, Spain-Italy 12-5, Holland-New Zealand 15-5, USA-Israel 16-6.

Saturday 24:Semifinals 5th place Israel-Greece (10pm Italian time), Italy-New Zealand (24); Semifinals USA-Hungary (2), Holland-Spain (4).

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