February 27, 2024

Waterpolo World Championship, Setterosa: 24:2 for South Africa, waiting for Greece


Giustini’s downhill racing and poker at the second world event in Fukuoka. Silipo: “Now we’re at the top and we’re taking a less treacherous path”

Franco Carrella

The maximum with minimum effort. Another Goleada that could serve to close down the commanding group. After beating Argentina 27-1, they beat South Africa 24-2 on the second day of the Women’s World Cup. Despite Setterosa’s many mistakes in attack, the test and the game were already meaningless after two goals (9:1). Four by Giustini, hat-tricks by Picozzi and Palmieri, world premiere for Gant (scoring two goals), from the third time Condorelli in place of Banchelli between the posts. The Blues did not concede a goal in five numerical inferiorities. It will be Thursday’s game against Greece that will decide who will win the quarter-finals without progressing to the round of 16.


Coach Carlo Silipo said of the Rai mics: “It’s never easy to keep your concentration high in these games, but the girls were good at coming out from the distance, one way or another.” I really appreciate the spirit in the group : I want everyone to achieve my goal. Now let’s reboot and immediately focus on the crucial game of this stage. It would be important to win to take a less treacherous path.” This is to prevent the United States from winning everything. Adds Sofia Giustini. “We didn’t expend too much energy. We know how important the game against Greece is, we can certainly win it, but we have to be perfect.” Beyond the medals, the big goal remains the Olympic qualification for Paris, which the two finalists from Fukuoka will be able to achieve.

ITALY: Banchelli, C.Tabani 1, Galardi, Avegno 2, Giustini 4, Bettini 4, Picozzi 3, Bianconi 1, Palmieri 3, Marletta 1, Gant 2, Viacava 2, Condorelli. All. Silipo.

SOUTH AFRICA: Maartens, MacDonell1, Thornton-Dibb, Motau, Sileno, January Muller, Zondo, Versfeld, MacLeod, Meecham1, White, Gando. All. Barrett.

REFEREE:McCall (USA) and Kurosaki (Japan).

NOTE: great NO. Italy 6 (5 goals), South Africa 5 (0).

Group C. Sunday 16: Italy 27-1 Argentina, Greece 24-2 South Africa.

Tuesday 18: Italy 24-2 South Africa, Greece 21-2 Argentina.

classification: Italy, Greece 6; South Africa, Argentina 0.

Thursday 20th: Argentina-South Africa (2), Greece-Italy (3.30).

Saturday 22nd round, Monday 24th quarterfinals, Wednesday 26th semifinals, Friday 28th finals.

The other groups:China, France, USA, Australia (A); Spain, Israel, Holland, Kazakhstan (B); Canada, New Zealand, Hungary, Japan (D).

The formula: The former went straight to the quarterfinals, second and third to the round of 16.

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