March 4, 2024

Yankees pitcher Domingo makes 24th “perfect play” in MLB


Against Oakland, the Dominican knocked out all 27 batters over the course of 9 innings: “Dedicated to my uncle who passed away two days ago”

Domingo German hadn’t been perfect in six years in the major leagues. But on Wednesday night, he found his greatest satisfaction at the Diamond in Oakland, where his NY Yankees finished 11-0. The Dominican became the perfect pitcher overnight, 24th in history and fourth in the franchise with the most titles and traditions after Don Larsen (1956), David Wells (1998) and David Cone (1999), who exactly called the “Perfect.” “Made Game,” meaning he retired, eliminating all 27 batters over the course of 9 innings, the length of a baseball game. The last to do so was Seattle Mariners ace Felix Hernández against Tampa on August 15, 2012 (three this season). German was also the first no-hitter of the season. Larsen’s key gem came in game five of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers.


The Latin American pitcher gets help from the translator to underline how happy he was two days after the death of his uncle, to whom he dedicated the feat. “It was so exciting, when you think about something very unique in baseball, not many people have the opportunity to present a perfect game. “Doing something like that in my career is something I’ll always remember.” After a couple of bad starts, German (score 5-5) beat nine of 27 batters against the A’s, who currently have the worst 21-61 have a record in the majors. The 30-year-old pitcher served a 10-game suspension a month ago after being sent off in a Toronto game for using an illegal substance on the mound. He was also suspended for 81 games earlier in his career over an alleged domestic violence incident. A full match of his took place in doubles in Trenton in April 2017. He hadn’t won in his last six games with Oaklan. This time he made 72 strokes on 99 pitches distributed as follows: 51 turns, 30 fast with an average of 92.5 miles, with 17 transitions and one sinker-sinker. Twice he counted with 3 balls and a strike in the 4th and 8th inning, in all borderline situations he got away with no damage. “It was so much fun watching him work, dominating the mound, his curveball was amazing, it was something special,” said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Seth Brown came closest to base when he completed a groundbound-to-five diving stop on first baseman Anthony Rizzo in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 12,479. After all, “the last inning was — he says — very different, very different. I felt a pressure I had never felt before, I visualized the attacking area and didn’t want to make a mistake. But it was a push that was worth it.” Tony Kemp, top Californian, revealed: “The German’s corner was really impregnable, he put the speed where he wanted, just like the gearbox.” He just mixed them up. In a perfect way.

500th Strikeout

Six days after conceding ten runs (eight of them earned) and four homers in three and a third inning, German hit his 500th career strikeout in a home loss to Seattle. “It wasn’t an easy week or an easy time for him,” Boone recalls. “He drew a masterpiece: funny.” It was also the Yankees’ 13th no-hitter after Corey Kluber against the Texas Rangers on May 19, 2021. German has a zero: That number has never been more appropriate. “I’m just happy for Domingo. He got off to a rocky start,” recalled Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka. “I always felt ready for something like that, I almost believed it.” German’s breakthrough after beating the Yankees 18-4 in 2019 was a suspension over an alleged incident of domestic violence against his girlfriend. He missed the entire 2020 season curtailed by the pandemic, including the playoffs. In February 2021 he then wanted to meet his teammates at spring training and apologize publicly.

A player found

Now he’s found a player: “Unfortunately, my uncle passed away two days ago and yesterday I cried a lot in the clubhouse. He was with me the whole game, I thought about him a lot and this perfect game is a tribute to him: he would have been so happy and proud of me. He has always brought joy to my family. From up there he must have seen my game as well.


Thanks to him, the Yankees became the first franchise with four perfect games (the Chicago White Sox have three). The Coliseum, like Yankee Stadium, was the only ballpark that produced three perfect games. Oakland has remained scoreless in 5,063 games: by four Baltimore pitchers in July 1991. Now the Washington Nationals have their longest active streak in the majors at 3,812 games (including playoffs) since David Cone defeated the Montreal Expos at Yankee Stadium in July 1999 was perfect . History repeats itself…

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